Monday, August 31, 2009


Finally got the Dart back in action. Been sitting for awhile. Friend at a shop went through it for me. Took H on a hot date on Friday in it. Took the dogs to the park in it. Both H and the dawgs look good in it. That car is dangerous. Went to a pool party in Jamul on Sat. Gotta love San Diego. When you guys moving here?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Casa Caliente

Welcome Welcome Welcome !!! Welcome to the New Casa Caliente HOTTER THAN EVER !! Website / Blogger Zone !!
Were working on a date in the near future for a long overdue - Gathering at the New Casa Caliente! with plenty of lead time ! We'll post the date here & send emails. So getcha ready !!
Probably late Sept or early Oct. Lets DO it !!

file:///Users/bernietosline/Desktop/P1000034.JPG is back online!

Hey Posse I let the .ws site lapse intentionally and got this new domain,, to replace it. Combined with new blogger action rather than that old clunky admin. I am still learning about so feel free to tell me info if you know more. Let's get the kids on here too to post stuff. I think it should be anything family fun. Oh and that's Hilary there.