Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Okay! I'm Posting!

and I'm figuring it out all by myself! so this pic will launch our new career as advertising photographers, what do you think? we thought it was a cool shot on the beach in fiji. and yes we actually did go for a ride in the floatplane! took mike back to the days long ago when he flew them for a living up in seattle. staying busy here trying to sell some houses but squeezing in a quick weekend get away to rocky point this past weekend. big fall music festival here in tempe this weekend, should be rowdy! we'll report back on that. oh yeah, CUTE girlfriend ts!

Nothing to do...

What is the deal Tod?!?! You have nothing to do so you post nonsense on this blog that no one is even looking at?? Let's see, everything is going along here in SD proper. Lots of projects I will barely ever get to. House, cars, motorcycles, boat, dogs, girlfriend, Foundation 20 year anni projects, haircut, landscaping, tattoo art, etc. You know how it is. Yes you do Tod, writing to your self is fun!

Don't toucha my bike or I breaka your face. Honda CL90

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sushi Sunday

I'm waiting for takeout. This is a test of a iPhone app to post from my phone. Pay version let's you do photos. I don't have that version....yet. I'm just sitting here typing so I can check the blog and read it myself. Since no else is bothering posting to it!!!! Slackers!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Boat

While its not cool enough for LHC, it is top-of-the line in whitewater. 14-foot AVON "bucket boat." Oar rig or can be ran as a 5-person paddle raft. Launched it yesterday on the Moab daily stretch on the Colorado River. Fun shake-down run. Class 1 rapids (yawn. Not the the Grand's class X).

Very stoked. Will apply for many permits during the winter application season. Hopefully draw a couple -- especially a Grand -- put really hoping for Yampa, LaDore, Middle Fork and, best of all, Upper Salt. Come along!