Monday, November 30, 2009

Silly puppy, see the smile on her face

Too many to post but heres a few

what a cute bunch of kids we are!
I'm here! Looking forward to the pics since my camera ran out of battery! It was great to be with everyone, Hole in the Rock hike was cool. I love you all very much.

Posting images....

You just select the little picture image in the bar above the text box. If you mouse over it it will say add image. There one for video too. Here I am in NYC. P: H.

Sibling Photos - fun and love youse!

posting photos

I have day after TG photos.  Can I post them directly on this site?  I don't see a special button for posting photos.  

Also, can I post a link to my little business in the links section?  Here is the link that I would like to post:

Will this be like posting to the dark side of the moon, anybody out there?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

I posted! Once! you know i live right by airport. our house is on the way to everywhere. cold beer. hugs available on request.

We are on the way.

No one reads this post but me. I am talking to myself. Going crazy. Call the psych ward!!!!