Saturday, January 30, 2010

at the casa; installment 2

hi all! thanks for all the love and support. it is saturday and we will be heading home later. yesterday mike finished all his tests and got everything where it needed to be successfully. i ended up going on a walk to the dam, it was a beutiful day but no wind so kite flying was delayed. i ended up cleaning the boat. when mike was done we took a nap in the bow in the driveway! we had dinner at the springs (really good fish fry) it was packed! then we went to the spa. a little wind today, we'll try the kite before we leave. we are in the rec room again and now it's a bunch of ladies playing card games. they are very noisy! lots of people here (not here in the rec room), all the neighbors. nice to see everyone. tod, are any of the deklines canvas and if so which ones? mike is still wearing the first ones he got from you when they first came out. NEED to be replaced. i like the army ones that are on sale but none in my size. also, can you tell me how i can add recipients to our blog? mike would like to be in the loop and maybe the kids if that's okay. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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