Thursday, January 28, 2010

at the casa

hola to all! today is thursday jan 28. we are at the casa. i thought it appropriate to blog. it is 7:28 pm. we are in the rec room near the 200's rv area. you know, we used to camp here. we arrived last night/early this morning at 1am. it was very chilly and windy. after we finally got the furnace lit, we went to sleep. we woke feeling rested and so.... good. it is great to wake up here. everything is always better here. it was sunny but still chilly & windy. not a day for boating. lucky for us, since mike is having to work on his flight instructor renewal which has to be done online. so we were at the bar at about 9:30 this morning. had breakfast, then beers (me not him), lunch. about 3:30 a very large group of golfers came in, having just finished a round. then they began several more. i am sorry i did not bring my camera as it was good photo op. mostly because it seemed i was looking into the future, seeing us. well, maybe me. and mike. maybe not golfing but still here. having fun. at that point the internet stopped working so we took a break and went to get the boat out of storage. sometimes i forget how much joy our boat brings me. it's awesome. tomorrow i will clean it, maybe we can take it for a spin, burn the old gas out. have not been here since sept. i know that seems like a short time to some of you. long time to me. maybe a group trip is in order. i mean for sure a group trip is in order. wait till it warms up. here, now, in the rec room, a group of "senior men" are playing poker. the women are probably gathered somewhere complaining about the men and arguing over who has the cutest grandkids. it is a full moon tonight, very pretty. almost full last night on the drive, mixed with storm clouds. at one point, i was driving, mike was sleeping, i was thinking of trevor and how much i miss him and how mad and hurt i am, you know, all that. i got a big pain in my chest and cried. right then a bunch of big raindrops fell on the windshield. trev hugging me and crying too? probably. i have a kite at home that was trevor's, i have been trying to buy kite string so i can fly it at the park in front of our house. can't find kite string anywhere, seasonal item? did not know there was a kite flying season. anyway, did not bring kite, no kite string. i get to casa, there is a kite in the closet. today we go to get the boat and go inside to river island market. i am sure they have kite string and they do. i was way too excited over kite string. tomorrow i will go to the beach and fly kite. not sure what my obsession has been about that but looking forward to it. i'll let you know how it goes. i wish i had the clever, entertaining writing ability you all have but i don't. so i subject you to this! i have some great music on my i tunes. i thank you all for listening to me. i don't feel like i really have an outlet for some of my thoughts (okay, mike hears it all) and i appreciate the ability to express them to the people i love most. thank you for listening. love, lisa

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